Alumni Meetings

Alumni Meet 2022

Alumni Meet was organized by Sandipani Academy Achhoti on 07/04/2022 with the purpose to provide students the rich experience of alumni  in terms of professional, social and motivational so that students equip with not only theoretical understanding but can gain practical experience of alumni. The aims of alumni association is cited below:
1.To provide students the practical experience of alumni.
2.To provide alumni’s motivation to students.
3.To use alumni skill for skill development of the students.
4.To involve alumni for curriculum enrichment and development of the institution.
5.To take support from alumni for placement advice and support. 
6.To organize interactive meetings and get-togethers for establishing good relationship among alumni as well as with the current students. 
7.To make the students understand the gap between college life and career life.
8.To enroll and register alumni every year and keep them abreast with college activities.
The Chief Guest of the program was Mr. Anuj Kumar Dwivedi ( Principal, Manjil Public High School, Murmunda).Ms.Anuradha Dwivedi ( Lecturer, Swami Atmanand School, Berla) and Smt. Thameshwari Sahu were the Guest of Honours. They motivated the students by their experiences of life and urged them to be determined until they achieve success in their life.