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S.No. Title Downloads
1 1.1.1 Institution has a regular in house practice of planning andor reviewing, revising curriculum and adapting it to local context situation Click here
2 1.2.1 Curriculum provides adequate choice of courses Click here
3 1.2.2 Average Number of Value-added courses Click here
4 1.2.3 Percentage of Students enrolled in the Value-added courses Click here
5 1.2.4 Students are encouraged and facilitated to undergo self-study courses Click here
6 1.2.5 Number of students who have completed self-study course Click here
7 1.3.1 Curriculum of the Institutions provides opportunities Click here
8 1.3.2 Institution familiarizes students with the diversities in school system in India as well as in an international and comparative perspective Click here
9 1.3.3 Students derive professionally relevant understandings and consolidate these into professional acumen Click here
10 1.4.1 Sample Filled-in feedbck Click here