Sandipani Academy has well equipped library with N-List facility for teachers and students. The college library functions with these following objectives

1. Supporting and enhancing educational goals as outlined in ‘SANDIPANI ACADEMY’ mission and curriculum.
2. Be the knowledge hub of the College and disseminate knowledge as widely as possible.
3. Provide a curriculum-based, flexibly scheduled, open access learning environment that accommodates all learners.
4. Facilitate creation of new knowledge.
5. Facilitate optimal use of knowledge by all staff and students.
6. Encourage and foster reading habit among staff and students.
7. To remain technologically advanced and updated.
8. Effectively participate in the teaching-learning programmes of the college.
9. To provide intellectual access to information through learning activities that are integrated into the curriculum and that help all students achieve information literacy by developing effective cognitive strategies for selecting, retrieving, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, creating, and communicating information in all formats and in all content areas of the curriculum.

The college library fulfills these objectives by developing policies and services, selecting and acquiring resources, providing physical and intellectual access to appropriate sources of information, providing instructional facilities, and employing trained staff