Hostel facility is available for girls so that students of far off area can stay and fulfils their educational quest. The canteen facility is provided by the college management. The canteen prepares nutritional diet in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so to ensure their good health. There is a recreational facility for the hostlers. The warden takes care over all function of the hostel under the guidance of Principal, administrator and HOD. The hostel has  rooms with all the necessary facility including safe and drinking water, comfortable bed with mattress, wardrobe, cooler, bathrooms and lavatory. The safety of the hostlers is our prime responsibility for that CCTY cameras are installed and guard observes the security checks 24/7.


1.       It is mandatory to maintain peace and discipline in the hostel
2.       It is strictly forbidden to take any harmful medicine and give it to anyone. If unauthorized medicine is found with any student, that girl student will be removed from the hostel.
3.       Food will be served in the mess in the hostel, there is no freedom to take food in the room
4.       No  student is allowed to cook in the hostel
5.       Use water and electricity as much as necessary, please do not misuse them
6.       It is mandatory to switch off the light, fan and water tap at the exit from the room, and otherwise a fine of Rs 10/- will be imposed.
7.       Only family members and local guardians will be allowed to meet the students. Students will be allowed to meet only in the lobby. No visitors will be allowed in the room.
8.       Night stay outside will be allowed only in case of emergency and with the permission of the Principal.
9.       Girl students will be allowed to move in and out of the hostel only after signing permission letter with their parents/ local guardian
10.    In the case of illness, girl students must compulsorily inform the hostel warden and teachers.
11.    The use of electronic heaters, irons and gas stoves is not allowed in the hostel rooms, there is a risk of fire due to their use.
12.    Keep valuables such as money, certificate, mark sheet and jewelry safely, the responsibility of their loss will be on the girl students themselves.
13.    After dinner, girl students are allowed to walk around the college campus for half an hour under the supervision of the warden.
14.    Walking is allowed on the hostel terrace till 7:00 pm
15.    No girl student will be allowed to go out and meet anyone in the college and hostel building till 6:00 pm in the cold and after 6:30 pm in the rest of the time.
16.    After writing three copies of the application for taking leave from the hostel, one copy each has to be handed over to the warden and the security guard after the principal's signature and while returning to the hostel, the security guards have to review the girl students through the application form.
17.    The girl students leaving the hostel without the permission of the principal will be allowed to enter the hostel again only when they come with their guardian.
18.    To go out of the college, it is mandatory for the girl student to have a permission letter certified by the principal, if a girl student goes out without application, strict action will be taken against her.
19.    It is strictly prohibited to throw any kind of food items in the dustbin, doing so a fine of Rs 10 per student will be charged.
20.    Register your problem to the warden and if you don’t find the solution of the problem, inform the principal for the same.
21.    It is a strict instruction to all the girl students that at the time of leaving and coming back from the college, you should register complete information about yourself and your guardian in the register available with the security personnel, failing which strict action will be taken against you.
22.    It is mandatory for all the girl students to strictly follow all the rules mentioned above, if the above rules are violated by any student, then strict action will be taken against him.