S.No. Title Downloads
1 7.1.1 Institution has a stated energy policy streamlining ways of energy conservation Click here
2 7.1.2 Institution has a stated policy and procedure for implementation of waste management Click here
3 7.1.3 Institution waste management practices include Click here
4 7.1.4 Institution has water management and conservation initiatives Click here
5 7.1.5 Institution is committed to maintenance of cleanliness, sanitation, green cover and providing a pollution free healthy environment Click here
6 7.1.6 Institution is committed to encourage green practices Click here
7 7.1.7 Percentage of expenditure on green initiatives and waste management excluding salary component Click here
8 7.1.8 Institution puts forth efforts leveraging local environment, locational knowledge and resources, community practices and challenges Click here
9 7.1.9 Institution has a prescribed Code of Conduct for students, teachers, administrators and other staff Click here
10 7.2.1 Describe at least two institutional best practices Click here
11 7.3.1 Performance of the institution in one area of distinctiveness related to its vision, priority and thrust Click here