S.No. Title Downloads
1 2.1.1 Approval letter of NCTE and Sanction of intake from University Click here
2 2.3.1 Multiple mode approach to teaching-learning is adopted by teachers Click here
3 2.3.3 Students are encouraged to use ICT support Click here
4 2.3.5 Continual mentoring is provided by teachers for developing professional attributes in students Click here
5 2.3.6 Institution provides exposure to students about recent developments Click here
6 2.3.7 Teaching learning process nurtures creativity, innovativeness, intellectual and thinking skills, empathy, life skills etc. among students Click here
7 2.4.1 Institution provides opportunities for developing competencies and skills Click here
8 2.4.2 Students go through a set of activities as preparatory to school-based practice teaching and internship Click here
9 2.4.5 Adequate skills are developed in students for effective use of ICT for teaching learning process Click here
10 2.4.8 Internship programme is systematically planned with necessary preparedness Click here
11 2.4.11 Institution adopts effective monitoring mechanisms during internship programme Click here
12 2.4.13 Comprehensive appraisal of interns’ performance is in place Click here
13 2.5.4 Teachers put-forth efforts to keep themselves updated professionally Click here
14 2.6.2 Mechanism of internal evaluation Click here
15 2.6.3 Mechanism for grievance redressal related to examination is operationally effective Click here
16 2.7.2 Average pass percentage of students during the last five years Click here
17 2.7.3 The progressive performance of students and attainment of professional and personal attributes Click here