Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct For Students

1.       Attendance is compulsory for all students in theory and practical classes.
2.       Discipline is compulsory for all students.
3.       Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus.
4.       Zero tolerance policy should be followed in any kind of indiscipline, indiscrimination and injustice.
5.       Students must attend all academic, non-academic, co-curricular activities, sports, and cultural activities.
6.       Students should take care of their personal belongings.
7.       Students are prohibited to use mobile phone during classes.
8.       No visitors can meet students during college hours.
9.       Students if going outside the college must take permission from teacher in charge than HOD and Principal.
10.   Student can talk about their personal and academic problems to their teachers, mentors, HOD and principal.
11.   Students should wear their ID card and uniform compulsorily. Students are allowed to wear any formal dress on Wednesday and Saturday.
12.    Student can have their lunch during lunch time only. 

Code of Conduct for Faculty Members

1.       Be positive and flexible.
2.       Develop creativity and originality of work among students.
3.       Adopt innovative practices in teaching learning method.
4.       Adopt democratic values and treat all students equally.
5.       Solve the queries and doubts of students.
6.       Develop feeling of nationalism, patriotism, communal harmony and respect for constitution f India.
7.       Be passionate and accountable towards their job.
8.       Maintain good relation with fellow teachers and authorities.
9.       Interact with parents and other stakeholders for overall development of students.
10.   Complete the syllabus on time.
11.   Provide qualitative students to students.
12.   Identify slow learners and give them remedial teaching to students.
13.   Always available for the students and solve their academic and behavioral problems.
14.   They should be philosophers, guide and mentors to students.
15.   They should not use social networking sites such as Face book, Whatsapp, etc. during the working hours.
Code of Conduct for Principal

1.       Display high moral Character.
2.       Be accountable toward his/her job.
3.       Treat everyone equally and shows unprejudiced behavior.
4.       Be Honest and create and maintain original record.
5.       Personality should be influential and effective for students and teachers.
6.       Take initiative for innovative work in the area of research, outreach and social activity and pedagogical practices.
7.       Committed to achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the institution.
8.       Ensure systematic conduction of teaching-learning and evaluation process to ensure students’s holistic growth and development.
9.        Responsible for organizing academic, non-academic, co-curricular activities.

Code of Conduct for Governing Body

1.        Ensure decentralization and participative management in institutional practices.
2.        Fulfill your lawful duties and obligations towards government with integrity and loyalty.
3.       Ensure welfare of students and staff.
4.       Strictly follow strategy of mobilization and optimal use of funds.
5.       Respect the rights of staff and students.
6.       Maintain financial transparency and delivery.
7.       Make utmost efforts to develop the institution in a versatile manner.
8.       Keep the interest of institution above personal.
9.       Take responsible action to maintain educational quality.